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We provide realistic confined space training dealing with various aspects and techniques to ensure that you, your staff and clients are prepared to handle any safety and emergency situation that could happen while working in a confined space. All confined space courses includes both classroom learning and practical experience.

Nationally accredited confined space training is an important aspect of workplace safety. It helps employees understand the hazards and risks associated with confined spaces and how to safely work in them. By taking this training, workers can be better prepared to handle potential hazards that could occur while in a confined space

It is for this reason that we offer our excellent confined space training to businesses across Australia. We offer nationally accredited confined space training courses designed to teach trainees not only how to work in restrictive spaces but how to assess and limit hazards for co-workers and others using the area.

We offer the following Confined Space Courses:

Those undertaking the course will also get an in-depth exposure to Confined Space Entry Standards a practical understanding of the equipment, processes and paperwork necessary to work safely and access to up to date knowledge and data on confined spaces in a range of different industries.


Get Your Confined Space Certification From a Nationally Recognised Training Provider

When you take up our confined space course, you’ll be joining some of the country’s leading training organisation in Australia as a client. By delivering this training, we have set the standard for those seeking professional safety training. This has led to many of our practices being widely adopted across industries.

One reason why these course are popular is because trainees will have access to the expertise of a professional trainer who has first-hand knowledge of the difficult situations that can come with limited atmospheres. All our trainers have industrial experience and superb credentials when it comes to the use of equipment and safety process. They also have the training experience to make sure everyone is comfortable and getting the best out of the course.

Throughout the confined space course, you’ll get a thorough understanding of things like:

  • How to spot potential hazards
  • National standards and legislation
  • Roles and responsibilities through company structures
  • How to create and implement risk assessments
  • Issuing permits
  • Entry, working and ongoing safety procedures, including PPE
  • Monitoring of gas and atmospheric changes
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Confined Space Rescue and recovery in emergency situations

The course is designed to evenly balance both practical and theoretical aspects, and you will be assessed on both. When you enrol, it is wise to be prepared for a little physical exertion. Further, we recommend candidates be prepared for practical entries during the course and make sure beforehand that they are comfortable with the nature of the course.

Confined Space Training Queensland

Confined space training may sound simple on the surface. After all, how much information can there be about a space that is confined? However, insufficient knowledge and training for those who enter confined spaces as part of their job can result in serious health hazards. These can include dangers such as asphyxiation, drowning, and hazardous temperatures and atmospheres being ever present in these situations.

Therefore, it is essential that you ensure each and every staff member within your workforce is given the necessary tools and skills they will need to conduct their role safely in these environments.

Not only is your employee’s safety a consideration when it comes to confined spaces, but you are also obligated by law to carry out the necessary considerations before any team members enters a potentially hazardous space.

These considerations involve risk assessments, permits, confined space regulations, and emergency rescue plans, amongst others. We know that understanding and executing these checks, as well as considering the safety of your workforce, can be challenging for those who haven’t come across the situation before.

This is where Diamond Protection Training comes in.

We offer four subsections within our overall Confined space training Queensland offering: Confined space entry and gas test atmospheres, operate breathing apparatus, undertake confined space rescue, and gas testing training. All of our courses are designed to cover every aspect of the job, giving you and your employees full peace of mind to carry out the necessary tasks at hand.

By the end of the courses, you will understand how to identify a confined space, how to select and carry out the necessary checks beforehand, and what to do in the event of an emergency.

Why Choose Us For Your Confined Spaces Training Queensland?

We understand how frustrating it can be to work with a training companies that do not understand the importace of the services they provide, especially when the safety of your workforce is on the line. This why, here at Diamond Protection Training, we go beyond the standard training company to regularly exceed our client’s expectations, developing trust and integrity in the relationship and promoting collaboration to ensure you get the most out of the training courses.

We have worked with some of the biggest brand names across Australia and the rest of the world but have never lost sight of our roots, being committed to the community around us.

So, if you want a confined space training course in Queensland that gives you and your team the knowledge and skills they need and is delivered by a registered training organisation you can trust, then get in touch with us here at Diamond Protection Training. We look forward to working with you.

Confined Space Course Locations:

We specialize in Providing confined space training all over Australia according to nationally accreddited standards. These courses are designed to impart theoretical and practical knowledge on confined space practices to enable inviduals and teams be ready for real life and on the job situations through realistic and practical scenario based confined space training.


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There are a number of mining and industrial organizations that regularly take up our training course to work in confined spaces. So if you are ready to take the course yourself or have delegates in mind, get in contact now.

We’re always ready to take on new clients and even offer training on your site if required, but spaces go quick! Give us a call or message us via our query form, and we’ll take you through the particulars of the course and the costs.

You can undertake any of our courses related to confined space training in Queensland or onsite anywhere in Australia. Reach out for more information about the course, other locations, or book your training today! 



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