Are you a first responder to an emergency? Do you work in the construction, mining or infrastructure industries and need training to better deal with life-threatening situations? We offer rescue training programs for Emergency Service Personnel and Emergency Responders. Our range of courses include Confined Space Rescue, Road Crash Rescue and Vertical Rescue, allowing you to provide expert care for those in need.





Rescue training courses are designed to select appropriate techniques, skills, knowledge and equipment for successful escape from specific confined space or vertical hazards.

Emergency Service Personnel or Emergency responders who want to increase their confidence, skill, and proficiency in working at heights and in confined spaces. This training focuses on rescue methodology, safety considerations and teamwork.

Our training is based on the Evergreen system of education. We offer rescue training for Emergency Service Personnel including Confined Space Rescue, Road Crash Rescue and Vertical Rescue. This includes: Awareness, Education and Competency testing in line with HSE guidelines.

In the workplace, every second counts. That’s why we provide hands-on rescue training to help keep your emergency service personnel or responders safe in any situation, including confined space rescue and vertical rescue.

Rescue training is an essential part of any emergency response team’s training program. Our courses are designed for individuals with a previous level of medical experience who need to be trained in basic rescue techniques. We also offer Vertical Rescue, Confined Space Rescue and Road Crash Rescue courses as well as other advanced skills that may be required by your organisation.

Rescue Training are practical courses which will help you to develop the skills and knowledge required to rescue people from confined spaces, road crashes and from heights. You will also learn how to manage yourself and your team in emergencies, including monitoring vital signs and using equipment such as stretchers.

Designed for Emergency Service Personnel or Emergency Responders, this course is designed to get your skills up-to-date and meet the new standard required in the workplace today. We can make accreditation easier than you think!

We are Australia’s premier registered training organization. You may also be interested in our specialized advanced fire training, or Certificate 3 Emergency Response and Rescue Courses