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Every sector has a duty of care to its team members, customers and visitors, whether it is the health sector, education, military or industrial processing. For some, it may seem like a box-ticking exercise, but when one takes into account the lives damaged or lost, as well as the huge amount of money spent to sort out public safety breaches, it is easy to see why it is such a vital part of daily business.
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Why Choose Diamond Protection as Your Training Organisation

As a fully certified training organisation in Australia, it has been our privilege to support the training and certification of teams and individuals in this important aspect of a business. From vital public information about the safe use of workspaces to potentially life-saving emergency response, great training is key to fostering healthy, useful workplace attitudes and processes.

Australian Registered Training Organisation With A Standard of Excellence

We have been at the forefront of health and safety in Australia and have worked with a huge range of influential companies across the country. We’re internationally recognised for our Integrated Management System, which incorporates fully ISO-accredited systems in Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management.

That means that when you complete one of our courses, you will be trained to a high standard of excellence in health and safety. Courses we provide that are covered by this standard include:

Depending on the size and scope of your business, you will need one or more First Aid trained individuals on site. They will have the knowledge and the confidence to deal with potentially difficult emergency situations until responders arrive.

Those trained in public safety will be able to look at your workplace, whether it is for retail or visitor areas and assess it for public accessibility. They will be your first line of defence against potential public hazards.

As a significant part of the economy and a huge provider of jobs, the mining industry requires a highly specialised training provider in Australia. These courses are designed to keep the hazards of the mining industry to a minimum and offer your employees the chance to understand how best to work in emergency situations in the mining sector.

Whether it is an industrial incident or a wildfire, there is always a great demand for firefighting registered training provider in Australia. Our trainees come away with a deep understanding of how to contain and control fire and limit the damage it can have.

These are only a few examples of the kind of training we can provide. Our mission is to offer your company, whatever the industry or expertise required, highly specialised and intensive courses so that every trainee comes away with a deep sense of confidence in their role when it comes to safety.

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Our mission, as a registered training organisation in Australia, is to build a complete service so that all your requirements are met when it comes to health and safety. A major part of that commitment is to offer these courses at either our special training facilities or at your site itself.

Whatever course you require, get in contact today to see how we can help you honour your commitments to safety, and we’ll be ready to take your call today! Read Less

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