Diamond Protection Training provides a diverse range of different courses. We provide realistic training to ensure that you or your staff are prepared to deal with any safety and emergency situation that could happen. Each course includes both classroom learning and practical experience. We offer the following Heights & Rescue Courses: Work Safely at Heights Training, Vertical Rescue Training



Height Safety Training in Australia — Why it’s Necessary

Working at height is known to be a dangerous activity and can often result in falls. These occur particularly in the construction industry but are also common in any industries where elevated working is necessary. Falls from height cause the most deaths, injuries and disabilities in Australian workplaces and emphasise why height safety training is essential for those who work at height and their supervisors.

Aside from the moral issue of needing to keep employees safe, it’s also necessary to comply fully with all legal requirements. These include the need to set up a tested and effective rescue plan for places where falls are possible and there are also other workplace health and safety regulations regarding height safety. Read More

Height Safety Courses that are Effective

Our training for safety at heights teaches all participants how to work confidently and safely at height, how to prevent falls and mitigate their effect, and what to do should a fall actually occur and rescue is necessary. We provide a mixture of theoretical and practical training that includes:

  • legislation, regulations, standards and codes of practice that relate to working at height training
  • how to recognise hazards when working at height and the means of eliminating them through safe working practices and the installation of the correct equipment
  • preparation of risk assessments and hazard controls
  • selection and correct use of appropriate safety equipment, including anchor systems, fall restraint and arrest systems, ladders, scaffolding and work positioning systems
  • developing site procedures that cover safe working methods for height risk situations
  • the respective responsibilities of managers and employees
  • how to maintain, inspect and store equipment so it’s always ready for use
  • dealing with emergencies that may involve vertical rescue procedures and handling trauma.

Although the basics of height safety are consistent, we are aware that different industries and sites have specific challenges. We can, therefore, customise our standard courses so they meet the unique requirements of your site. We want to make sure that everyone has the training they need and that it provides maximum benefit.

Height Safety Course Pre-requisites & Outcomes

We will provide all the necessary course materials and equipment although people can bring their own equipment if they wish. Since the training is a mixture of theoretical and practical parts, we have to ensure that all attendees are able to participate fully. Therefore, everyone needs to:

  • be fluent in English so they can understand what they are being told
  • have adequate literacy and numeracy skills
  • be fit enough and capable of climbing ladders, wearing a harness and participating in various physical activities
  • wear long sleeves, long trousers and closed-in shoes.

All those who complete the course successfully will receive a statement of attainment that covers a nationally recognised unit of competency for working at height. More than that, they will be able to work confidently and safely, ensure others are safe and act decisively in the case of an emergency. All companies that enrol employees on the height safety training course will fulfil their legal obligations but also ensure those workers are as safe as they can be. Read Less