Certificate III Mines Rescue

Mines Rescue Training Courses in Australia

Diamond Protection Training RTO No. 32273 provides nationally accredited training in Mines Rescue. Training can be conducted on your site or at our National Tactical Training Centre in Chinchilla Queensland Australia.

Effective Mines Rescue — Essential for every Mining Company

Working in mines is known to be one of the most hazardous occupations there is. Some of the biggest disasters over the years have been well-publicised but there have been many lesser incidents that have been equally serious for those involved but on a smaller scale.

Any company that operates mines of any type and size needs to be able to effectively deal with incidents and accidents when they occur. That includes being able to extricate anyone who is trapped in the mine and is at risk of further harm. Our mines rescue training course provides the necessary knowledge and skills so that, if the worst happens, you are prepared to take swift and effective action.

Comprehensive Training for Mine Rescue Teams

Carrying out a rescue operation in a mine is a unique challenge because it’s generally undertaken in a very confined space, in a difficult to access location and in extremely hazardous conditions. Due to all these factors, our mines rescue training is specifically designed to equip all participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with the challenges they face, competently and safely.

Our training for mines rescue is intended for rescue teams and covers the following principles:

  • working co-operatively with others and applying teamwork in the planning and execution of operations
  • adjusting methods of working to allow for varying site conditions
  • identifying and assessing risks plus improvements to working practices that will reduce them
  • learning new ways of working to improve performance
  • using technology for communications and to monitor and assist with rescue procedures
  • following established procedures and work methods for best results.

In particular, the training will cover:

  • the preparation and use of equipment for emergency response
  • developing tactics for incident management and containment
  • defining and applying risk management processes
  • co-ordinating operations for search and rescue
  • providing support for rescue operations
  • identifying, detecting and monitoring hazardous materials at incidents and making them safe
  • wearing and operating breathing apparatus
  • responding to mine incidents and emergencies
  • undertaking underground searches and rescues in confined spaces and areas that are difficult to access
  • controlling emergencies, fires and other critical situations
  • applying initial and advanced first aid
  • getting casualties and everyone else who is involved away from underground incidents to a safe area. Read More

Practical & Theoretical Mine Rescue Training

Anyone who attends the course will need to be reasonably fit because the practical exercises that are an essential part of the training involve a certain amount of strenuous activity. Consequently, they all need to dress appropriately, with long sleeves, long trousers and full shoes. All necessary specialist apparel and equipment will, however, be provided.

All participants need to be reasonably literate and numerate, with sufficient English language skills to be able to understand the course content, some of which is provided in a classroom setting. The practical elements of the course are delivered in as realistic an environment as possible so that participants are fully prepared for the situations they will encounter.

Everyone who successfully completes the course will be able to plan and prepare for mine incidents and will be able to carry out rescues in extremely testing situations. As a result, mines will be much safer places. Get in touch with us today to get more info or to book a mines rescue training or to achieve the Certificate III in mine rescue with our registered training organisation. Read Less